Stud Farms?









       This photograph is from a fictionalized account of the Lebensborn program, as it appeared in a German film. The film portrays the Lebensborn homes as meeting places for good “Aryan” stock women and men involved in the SS. This aspect of Lebensborn is still debated as there is little to no solid historical evidence. Therefore, many historians disregard this claim. There are several bits of evidence, though, that cause some to think twice…

       One piece of such evidence is a letter that appeared at the Nuremburg Trials. The letter, addressed to Himmler was from a woman in Lubeck requesting information about the SS “mating homes” so that she could make a contribution.

       The second comes in SS officer Peter Neumann’s memoirs. The book translated from French, is written in a style that suggests it is not completely free from invention. However many of Neumann’s accounts of fighting on the Western Front are accurate and so many take the document seriously.  In his memoirs he gives an account of going through extensive racial hygiene testing before being deemed pure and let loose among the women.

       Similar accusations occur in other memoirs, however there is no recorded account given by any interviewed women as to the truth of these allegations.