The Mothers







              The mothers who used the Lebensborn Homes cited many different reasons for moving in. In the case of the un-married women, many were faced with severe social stigma. One woman said, Ōmy parents would have thrown me out if they had gotten to know about my pregnancy.Ķ There was none of this particular kind of social stigma present at the clinics.


~Other women were pregnant by married men who didnÕt want to tell their wives, these men walked out on their lovers.

       ~Some were married women with pregnancies by their lovers.

       ~Some women went seeking abortions but found none available.

       ~Some women didnÕt know how to handle their pregnancy.

       ~And still others were married women who needed a safe place to give birth.


The women involved with Lebensborn had many varied reasons for joining, but they had at least one thing in common. They were all racially pure, Aryan women. In fact only about half of the women who applied were admitted to the homes.