Spirited book offers eerie restaurant tour

Houston Chronicle May 23, 2001
Column: John DeMers
Author: JOHN DeMERS, Houston Chronicle Food Editor; Staff Edition: 2 STAR

La Carafe at 813 Congress, founded in 1860 as the Kennedy Bakery, is touted by the authors as this city's oldest commercial structure. In keeping with its longevity, the building sports running ghosts hot and cold, spirits of either gender, of different ages and presumably from different time periods. More to the immediate point, there are not only strange shadows, cold spots and the feeling of being watched, but there are also exploding glasses and bottles to watch out for.










The 50 Greatest Bars in the United States (Our Humble Opinion)

Men's Journal, January 2002

It seems the steel pole and the external scaffolding are the only things preventing this 142-year old bar from crumbling into spotty alcoholic memory-- second-floor seating capacity is severely limited for fear of collapse. Lit by three-foot candles (the melted wax is never cleared). La Carafe is not only moody, its the perfect mix of old men who know and young men who think they do,




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