US DOE Gas Hydrate Project ( DE-FC26-06NT 42960)

Detection and Production of Methane Hydrate

The Team
  • Carbon Inputs and Outputs to Gas Hydrate Systems
    • Complete iodine cycling
    • Authigenic minerals
  • Numerical Models for Quantification of Hydrate and Free Gas Accumulations
    • Model development
    • Conditions for existence of gas hydrate
    • Compositional effect on BSR
    • Amplitude Attenuation and chaotic zones due to hydrate distribution
    • Processes leading to overpressure
    • Concentrated hydrate and free gas
    • Focused free gas, heat and salinity
    • Sulfate profile as indicator of methane flux
    • Application of models to interpretation of case studies
  • Analysis of Production Strategy
    • Pore-scale Model for Lithology, Petrophysical and Thermophysical Parameters
    • Evaluation of Production Strategy
  • Seafloor and Borehole Stability
    • Sediment-hydrate properties
    • Modeling (In)stability
    • Integrating geomechanical studies
  • Geophysical Imaging of Gas Hydrate and Free Gas Accumulations
    • Preliminary processing and inversion of seismic data
    • Final 1-D elastic and 2-D acoustic waveform inversion
    • Rock physics modeling