Rice: Unconventional Wisdom
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Research Portfolio

Research Areas

  • Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Processes
    • Alkaline-Surfactant Processes
    • Foam for Mobility Control
    • CO2 Foam Processes
  • Core analysis
    • Characterization of vuggy carbonates
  • NMR Characterization studies
    • Internal field gradient studies
    • NMR profiling using imaging techniques
    • Viscosity & NMR relaxation of Heavy oil
  • Methane Gas Hydrates
    • Distribution of methane gas hydrates in marine sediments
    • Methane Hydrates and Palaeocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM)
  • Carbon Capture Processes
    • Development of novel processes - Combined Pressure and Temperature Contrast and Surface-ehnanced separation of CO2
    • Development of novel absorbent formulations