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Dr. George Hirasaki

The goal of this consortium is to engaged in collaborative
research to advance the fundamental understanding of
porous media processes. Our core research areas include the
study of surfactant and foam Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)
processes, wettability alteration with smart water, asphaltene
deposition, and NMR & molecular simulation studies of
unconventional formations. As the director of this research
consortium, I thank you for your support of our research
and welcome you to potential opportunities for collaboration
and participation.

Dr. George Hirasaki, director


Lisa Biswal, Co-Director Walter Chapman, Co-Director


23th Annual Consortium, April 19, 2019

Tentative Agenda:
George Hirasaki - Introduction
Mark Knackstedt - Multiscale Analysis of Reservoir Rock-- Correlating Pore Scale Information to Reservoir Scale Inputs
Lisa Biswal - Influence of Asphaltene Structure on Deposition

Jin Song - Extended Surface Complexation Model for both Synthetic Calcite and Natural Carbonates in Mixed Electrolytes in A Wide Salinity Range for Wettability Study
Reza Amirmoshiri  - Retention of AOS1416 Surfactant in Berea Sandstone Rock
Guoqing Jian -  CO₂ Foam Mobility Control Pilot Test in East Seminole Reservoir
Leilei Zhang  -  CO2 Foam Mobility Control Process for High Temperature, High Salinity, High Pressure Carbonate Reservoir
Eric Vavra  -  Capillary Pressure Probe to Investigate Foam Stability in Porous Media
Eric Vavra  -   Alkali-Surfactant Foam EOR Process for Heavy Oil Recovery: Phase Behavior and Pore-Scale Experiments
Philip Singer - Frequency Dependence of NMR Relaxation of Polymers and Bitumen
Zeliang Chen -  Estimation of the Permeability of an Unconventional Formation Core by History Matching the Saturation with CO2
Zeliang Chen - Evaluation of Light Hydrocarbon Composition in Organic-Rich Chalks using NMR Core-Log Integration
Xinglin Wang  -  Evaluation of Light Hydrocarbon-Producible Pore Size and Tortuosity in Organic-Rich Chalks by NMR Restricted Diffusion
Mohamed Mohamed  -  EOR Evaluation and NMR Characterization for Unconventional Formation (Bakken)
Dilip Asthagiri -  Molecular Simulation of NMR Relaxation Behavior of Fluids in Polymer-Alkane Mixtures and Model Nano-porous Systems: Implication for Understanding Fluids in Shale
Arjun Parambathu - Apolar Behavior of Hydrated Calcite Surface Assists in Naphthenic Acid Adsorption
Mohamed Alhosani - Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Oil and Brine in a Calcium Carbonate Nano-pore: Toward Predicting Wettability Alteration
Jinlu Liu -  Density Functional Theory Modeling of CO2 Competitive Sorption with Gas Mixtures in Shale Nano-pores for Enhanced Gas Recovery


Final Agenda and Abstracts, 2018

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