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Text Box: Hey, everybody, and welcome to my website!   This is my first time using Microsoft Frontpage, so bear with me as I figure things out.  
I created this site for fun...I mean, how bad can another method of procrastination be?  I figured I might as well take advantage of the ability to make a webpage at Rice (hence the not-so-easy-to-remember web address).  
The title "that's cute" comes from the cute (see, there I go again) phrase that I unintentionally use a lot - I swear!  That's because from haircuts to jumbo-sized straws, everything is just cool and "cute."  So, ta da.
Okay, so you're thinking - jeez, I'm here at the home page...is there actually going to be anything interesting on it or am I going to just read about how cute things are?  The answer to that is yes.  And no.  I mean, most of the "interesting" stuff if located on other pages of this site, like about or pictures.  That being said, what are you still doing here??  Scoot!  Take a ride on the navigational-bar express (polar still sounds better to me).
Anyway, I'll catch ya around...enjoy your visit.

Text Box: [updates] 
10.19.05 - Site launched.  Takeoff in 10 seconds...