Corinne M. Allen

PhD Candidate


Office: Sewall Hall, 121

Phone: (713) 348-2215

6100 Main St., MS-25

Psychology Department

Rice University

Houston, TX 77005

Until high school, I lived in a small New Jersey town with a neighborhood that allowed my friends and I to spend summer days running around, riding bikes, playing sports - just generally enjoying the outdoors. After my freshman year of high school, which included varsity soccer and track, my family and I moved to Virginia. I finished high school in Gloucester, quickly overcoming the difficulties of changing schools; I’m pretty sure I have soccer and an outgoing personality to thank for that.

I attended college at the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. I majored in Psychology, while also taking many Linguistics courses (an “invisible” minor, as minors were not recognized at the time). Being only 2.5 hours from my family is something I now greatly miss.

After graduating with honors from UMW, I worked for one year as a research assistant in Dr. Randi Martin’s Brain and Language Lab. In is from this lab that I recently completed my PhD. During my time as a graduate student, I researched the interaction of cognitive control with memory and language (please see my Research page for more information). In recent years, I have also been actively
                        involved with the Graduate Student Association.

                       In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family,
                       traveling, playing sports, and my pups Ellie (right) and Chuck (left).
                       And, my finance Nate and I will be getting married in June, 2012!

Department of Psychology, Rice University

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