Part I- Process Modeling

* Introduction


* Dynamical modeling of chemical systems

  Linear and nonlinear models



* Linearization


* The Laplace transform


  Solution of linear ODEs


* Transfer function

  Qualitative nature of solutions, open-loop stability


* Analysis of process models

  1st order systems

  2nd order systems

  Higher order systems

  Inverse response

  Time delay systems Pade approximations


Part II Feedback Control


* Introduction-Control Instrumentation


* Block Diagrams


* PID control


* Stability Analysis of closed-loop systems


  Root locus


* Performance criteria


* Frequency Response Analysis

  Bode diagrams

  Nyquist plots

  Nyquist, Bode stability criteria


* Tuning of feedback controllers

  Cohen-Coon tuning technique

  Robust designs (Gain and Phase Margins)

  Ziegler-Nichols tuning techniques


* Synthesis of feedback controllers


  IMC control

  Direct synthesis


Part III- Advanced Control Systems


* Dead time compensation, Design for systems with inverse response, closed-loop pole placement


* Synthesis of Feedforward controllers, Ratio Control


* Synthesis of Feedforward/Feedback loops

* Cascade Control


* Adaptive and Inferential Control


* Control of Multivariable Processes, RGA, Decouplers