Flow and Transport Through Porous Media II

Multidimensional Displacement

Instructor: G. J. Hirasaki

Finite Difference for Fractional Flow Equation

Differential equation
Up stream weighting
Explicit or Implicit
Truncation error
Stability analysis
Time step selection


Mechanisms for dispersion
One dimensional convection with dispersion
Estimation of dispersion coefficient
Mixing zone growth
Finite slug

Hydrostatic Fluid Distribution

Capillary pressure definition
Capillary pressure curves
Scaling of capillary pressure
Hydrostatic fluid distribution
Three phase distribution
Reservoir seals
Outflow boundary condition
Methods of measurement
Capillary pressure models
Effects of wettability

Finite Difference in 1-D with Capillary Pressure

Differential equation and boundary conditions
IMPES formulation
Semi-implicit formulation
Block tridiagonal matrix

Multidimensional, Multiphase Displacement

Generalized material conservation equations
Hydrocarbon phase behavior
Particular fluid systems

Finite Difference Solution in Multidimensions

Finite difference in time
Regular grid spacing
Variable grid spacing
Material balance check
IMPES formulation
Semi-implicit formulation
Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient

Reservoir Geometry and Properties

Curvilinear coordinates
Cylindrical r-z coordinates
Reservoir geometry

Well Models

Relation with grid block
Well impairment
Saturation dependence
Well common to several grid blocks
Vertical lift performance
Oil-water coning model

Reduction to Two Dimensions

Averaged conservation equations in two dimensions
Vertical equilibrium
Stiles-Hearn model for layered formation

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