Getting Your Computer Going

Solving The Basic Problems



Early during O-Week your advisors will take you to the computer lab to set up your owlnet account.  You will be shown how to do this.  Keep in mind that the username you select will be your email address ( so do not pick a username that you would not like professors and potential employers to see.

PC Passwords

To setup a password to allow you to log into the PCs on campus, go to and click the link that says "PC password" then follow instructions.


A list of Frequently Asked Questions is available to all on-campus computers.  To view them go to  Scroll down and click the "FAQ" link.  This will take you to the FAQ homepage.  Browse around until you find a listing in your subject area.  If you do not find one, contact your college CCA about your problem.



Go to the FAQ homepage.  Click "Email Help" then find the link which says "How do I setup Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express to read my Owlnet e-mail?."  This will detail how to set up either Outlook or Outlook Express, however the instructions are slightly more straightforward if setting up Outlook Express.  The primary difference is that when setting up Outlook you do not need to go the the "IMAP" tap and enter "Mail" in the Root folder path field.


Pine is a text only email program that is easy to use, available on all campus UNIX machines and virtually invulnerable to viruses, unless you download and run them.  To use pine you must install a program called "Secure Shell" which is available to all students.  To download this program go to and click the Operating System you are running (Windows, Mac).  Next click the "SSH Communications Security - SSH" link.  Scroll down and click where it says download.  You will then be prompted to enter your owlnet username and password.  When the file has downloaded, click the icon and follow instructions.

Once the program is installed open it and hit any key.  Enter for the "Host Name" and your owlnet Username and password.  When the prompt appears type "pine" and there you are.

Virus Scanning Software

Rice provided McAfee Virus Scan to all students.  To download go to and click your operating system.  Click the McAfee link and go to where it says download.  It will prompt you for your owlnet password.  When the file has been downloaded, double click it and hit extract.  After it is done, close that window folder where you downloaded the McAfee file.  Double click the "Setup" icon and follow instructions.

Mapping Network Drive

To mount your network drive on your computer go to "Start" -> "Run" and type explorer in the field.  Then go to "Map Network Drive" and follow instructions.  In the folder field type "\\\\username" and type your PC password in the blank.

File Sharing

In order to prevent the spreading of viruses please password protect all windows file shares.  The password can be as simple as you like, but it is important that a password be used.

Other Problems

For other computing problems email or visit  Please include as much detail as possible in your email or log.