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Cain Project Welcomes Two New Members

to help this field evolve and to arm Rice students to participate fully in this revolution.”
Deborah is no stranger to the Rice campus, having completed a master’s degree in English at Rice in 1995. She is also a regular contributor to Sallyport, Rice’s alumni magazine. Her freelance writing business provides marketing communications support to scientific and technical clients. While she specializes in scientific software, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, she has written about everything from dual-core CPUs to defibrillators. She looks forward to a similar variety in the writing of science and engineering students at Rice.

New Addresses for Cain
Project Faculty

Dr. Corinne Weisgerber
215H Anderson Biology X6328

Deborah Ausman
215B Anderson Biology X6144

Dr. Jan Hewitt
B107 Abercrombie X6224


and philosophy departments. She collaborated with the faculty members from these departments to combine their respective classes. As a result, students were encouraged to integrate what they learned in both courses through activities such as developing multi-media presentations about their design projects or applying group problem-solving theories to their engineering problems. Corinne hopes to continue this interdisciplinary work as a Cain Project instructor.

Corinne Weisgerber, a new Cain Project instructor, received her PhD in Communication Arts and Sciences at Pennsylvania State University. She moved to Houston to join Prairie View A&M University, where she taught public speaking, communication technology, and mass media writing classes. Corinne’s research interests include interpersonal, computer-mediated, and health communication, and she is currently pursuing research in online health communication.
Corinne became interested in the Cain Project because of its focus on interdisciplinary work. At Penn State, Corinne was involved in a number of interdisciplinary teaching initiatives. She greatly enjoyed working with faculty from Philosophy, Engineering and Information Sciences and Technology departments.
Penn State’s, Learning Edge Academic Program (LEAP), enables entering freshmen to simultaneously take two completely integrated courses from different departments. As part of this program, Corinne taught communication classes to incoming students in cooperation with Penn State’s engineering

Deborah Ausman brings to the team over 15 years of professional experience as a science writer. She will implement writing assignments in courses supported by the Cain Project; she is currently assisting with assignments in COMP 482, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and MECH 431, Senior Design. Deborah also plans to forge ties between the Cain Project and Rice’s nanotechnology research.
“ Nanotechnology research requires interdisciplinary communication and teamwork, something that we at the Cain Project know a lot about,” Deborah says. “There’s a real opportunity for the Cain Project




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