Research interests


My interests in personality, individual differences and social psychology, alongside my work in quantitative psychology and item response theory, attracted me to the field of industrial/organizational psychology as a unique place to take advantage of these somewhat disparate pursuits. In a general sense, my research examines how individuals differ in their use of rating scales in surveys, across varying domains in personality and social psychology. Specifically, my first year project and masterís thesis focused on extreme response style, or consistent overuse of endpoint categories in rating scales. Past projects have explored the number of response categories problem and differential item functioning in personality questionnaires. My particular approach has been to use item-response theory and latent-class modeling techniques to answer research questions in personality, social and industrial/organizational psychology, in ways that provide additional benefits over classical test theory measurement.


Current projects include using personality measures to predict extreme response style, exploring measurement differences in both proportional and mixed-model IRT measures of extreme response style, and determining the extent to which personality influences ratings of effectiveness of specific work behaviors.


In pursuit of my research goals, I have gained specific measurement skills including exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, reliability analysis, structural equation modeling, DIF analysis, IRT modeling and latent class analysis. I have experience working with the following software programs: SPSS, SAS, S+, WINSTEPS, WINMIRA, AMOS and MPLUS. I have also had some experience with EQS, BILOG, MULTILOG and HLM.