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Arthur Guiterman

BIOC 311 Notebook Checklist

SPECIAL NOTE: Record enough procedure details in your notebook during each day of lab so that you can repeat these procedures using your notebook as the PRIMARY resource (i.e., you should not use printed web pages or handouts from previous labs).

Each major item will be scored from 0 to 5 at least 2 times during the course.
ALL graphs must be hand-drawn in your notebook to get credit; protein purification table must also be included.

Page Construction
page numbers (consecutive/no pages missing)
date (all/correct format)
"continued on/from page #"

absence of blank pages
appropriate corrections
initial/date/time at end of each entry
table of contents (appropriate detail)

Objectives / Daily Summary

Experimental Notes
procedures = WHO/WHAT/HOW??
instrument used/settings
samples: labels, storage location/conditions
problems encountered/mistakes

Raw Data
instrument readings
assay results
electrophoresis & staining results
folder/binder for "loose" data

Sample Calculations / Analysis of Results
significant figures
representative calculations
standard curves

Discussion / Conclusions
ADA assays: consistency among team
Protein Purification Table
Western Analysis
Kinetics: Km's & Ki's
Total score:

Copyright, Acknowledgements, and Intended Use
Created by B. Beason (bbeason@rice.edu), Rice University, 8 June 1999
Updated 2 May 2013