Honor Code Policy for Advanced Experimental Molecular Biology

Please carefully read over the following policy before beginning work on your lab notebook and PowerPoint presentation.
If you are in doubt then ask the Instructor, NOT a TA or fellow students.
***NOTE: Policy for my other courses may differ***

This lab course requires BOTH greater independence and teamwork than BIOS 311 and 312. You are expected to analyze, interpret, and present your work as a TEAM using PowerPoint.

Laboratory Notebook (INDIVIDUAL Effort)

PowerPoint presentation preparation (TEAM Effort)

Written reference material

The Rice Honor Code allows proper and improper conduct to be defined for each course. Since the learning value of your work in the laboratory is considerably enhanced by appropriate collaboration on data preparation and interpretation, some collaboration is allowed and even encouraged. Unfortunately there are occasional abuses. It is very frustrating to an instructor who has prepared an effective lab course to discover that students have shirked their responsibilities for learning. It is also a sickening feeling to have to turn someone in for an honor code violation.

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