Honor Code Policy for Advanced Experimental Biosciences

Please carefully read over the following policy before beginning work on your lab notebook and paper.
If you are in doubt then ask the Instructor, NOT a TA or fellow students.
***NOTE: Policy for my other courses may differ***

All of the rules under the Rice Honor Code apply to BIOC 311. When you turn in an assignment, you must be able to make the statement, "On my honor, I have neither given nor received any unauthorized aid on this assignment." This pledge applies to notebook entries, pre-lab quizzes/exercises, homework assignments, section drafts, and the final paper.

You are encouraged to use resources available at Rice's Center for Written Oral and Visual Communication (CWOVC); however, you are NOT permitted to meet with a CWOVC consultant for help with any writing assignments for this course.  Please consult with me if you have any questions.

Laboratory Notebook

Section Drafts and Final Paper

The analysis of this experiment involves the comparison of a native and a recombinant enzyme and necessitates that a team of four work collaboratively to obtain the necessary data for this comparison. Cooperation and exchange of data are required but there are restrictions as to the extent of cooperation and exchange.

Written reference material

Data preparation

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