Hello BME 301 Students;


Last week I got behind – way behind.  So far behind that there was no new posting on “Notes From Home”.  This week the plan is to get caught up. 


I hope you enjoyed the M&Ms on your exams.  I was generally quite pleased with the way everyone did on the test.  However, if you did not do as well as you hoped, please come and see me during office hours.  I’m happy to talk about study strategies.


Finally, I have some information about one way to earn extra credit.  You may have noticed a place on our website called “This Week in BME”.  If you click on the link you see information about the disease of the week and the technology of the week.  If you and your group would like to turn your disease/technology into an html file that could be posted here, we will allow each member of the group to drop their lowest score on the homework.  If your whole group does not want to participate, that is fine – just let us know who contributed.  You must follow the format of the two examples that are currently on the website.  If your html page is really great, we will post it on the website, with credit given to you.  You can turn these in anytime UP TO April 1.  We will NOT accept any after that date.  To turn one in, please give both a HARD COPY and a SOFT COPY to Dina Pugach (one of our fabulous TAs). 


And now for this week’s reading recommendations – the author of the week is Haven Kimmel.  She wrote a wonderful memoir about growing up in Indiana called “A Girl Named Zippy.”  It’s an excellently quirky story.  Her first novel was “The Solace of Leaving Early” about a woman who drops out of graduate school and then tries to move on.  Her second novel just came out, and is in the stack on my nightstand, waiting for me to get caught up…