Hello BME 301 Students;


I hope the semester is off to a good start for everyone.  If you are reading this, then you have successfully navigated your way to Notes from Home, my weekly column of sometimes useful information and advice.  This week I am writing from the snow and ice of Washington DC, where I am visiting the NIH, making sure that your tax $$ are hard at work sponsoring promising new medical research.  I’ve left you in the very capable hands of our TA, Mark Carlson, who will give Tuesday’s lecture.  I will be back in town for class on Thursday.


I am frequently asked, “Dr. RRK, how can I get an A in BME 301?”  And since you have found your way to Notes from Home, you get the magic formula…give cash to Dr. RRK! (I’m kidding.)


The Real Secret to an A in BME 301:

Part One – Come to class

Part Two – Do the assignments


I know it is not a very exciting formula, but it does work.  Because this class is so interdisciplinary in nature, not everything (not even close) is covered in the books.  If you MUST miss class, you can get the slides online, but it is just not the same as hearing my cheery voice!  And where else can you get a free t-shirt just for throwing a raw egg at the wall?  They don’t do that in the other Area C science requirement courses!


I know you are all wondering how you can get your hands on one of the very fashionable BME301 t-shirts.  All you have to do is come visit me during office hours on Thursday.  That’s right – if you can successfully navigate your way to the upper basement of the ENS building (room 8) – you, too, can sport the former surgeon general on your front side.  Also very handy if you are behind in doing laundry…


If you find yourself with free time on your hands after completing all the BME301 web assignments, here are this week’s reading recommendations.  Our category this week:


It was a good movie/a better book/a sad love story with an English heroine


Recommendation #1) I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith – This wonderful book, by the author of 101 Dalmations, just came back in print.  A great weekend escape novel. 


Recommendation #2) Possession by AS Byatt.  Winner of the Booker Prize, and a great detective/love story.