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Astronomy & Astrophysics Seminar

ASTR 400/500
Fall 2008

+ Graduate and Undergraduate Research Seminar




Uwe Oberlack
oberlack <at> rice <dot> edu
HB320  Tel: 3640

Time & Location:

Wed 12:05 - 12:55 pm
Herman Brown Hall #227
Date Speaker Institution Title
Aug 27 Organizational Meeting
Sep 03 Siming Liu Los Alamos National Laboratory The Supermassive Black Hole at the Galactic Center
Sep 10 Uwe Oberlack Rice The Hunt for Particle Dark Matter
Sep 17 Errol Summerlin Rice Simulations of Diffusive Shock Acceleration at Oblique Relativistic Shocks
Sep 24 Pat Hartigan Rice Report on the NASA Senior Review
Oct 01 Xuhui Chen
Eileen Meyer
Monte Carlo Code and Blazer Variability
Properties of Blazar populations from Modeling and Phenomenological Census
Oct 08 Peter Gonthier Hope College
Holland, Michigan
Population statistics study of radio and gamma-ray pulsars from the Galactic disk
Oct 15 Paolo Gondolo Univ. of Utah Dark Stars: A New Phase of Stellar Evolution supported by Dark Matter Annihilation
Oct 22 Jacob Palmer
Christopher Johns-Krull
Emission Maps from the (M)HD Code AstroBEAR
Notes from the Meeting on Protostellar Jets in Context, Rhodes, Greece
Oct 29 Stefan Westerhoff Univ. of Wisconsin New Results from the Pierre Auger Observatory
Nov 05 Reggie Dufour Rice Neon and Sulfur in the Universe
Observations with Spitzer
Nov 12 Guy Hilburn Rice Investigating The Spectral, Physical, And Kinetic Properties Of Sagittarius A* Through GRMHD And Monte-Carlo/Fokker-Planck Simulations
Zorawar Wadiasingh Rice Soft X-Ray Emission Of Magnetars: Resonant Cyclotron Scattering
Nov 19 Wei Chen Rice Detection of Zeeman signature using the LSD (least square deconvolution) method
Sarah Story Rice Journal club: Detection of pulsed gamma-rays above 25 GeV from the Crab pulsar
MAGIC collaboration (Aliu et al.), ArXiv:0809.2998
Nov 26 Lauren Cleeves Rice The Nature of Double-Peaked Emission Lines in MWC349A
Robert Carver Rice Laboratory Astrophysics and Real Equations of State: The next challenges for astrophysical MHD simulations
Dec 3 Antoun Daou Rice Observational and Theoretical Interpretation of Energetic Particle Transport in Solar Flares
Dec 10 John Johnson IfA, Hawaii Exoplanets From A to M

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