Metre: A data usage monitor for Android smartphones

What is Metre?

Metre calculates the data usage of applications and websites in your phone, and presents them to you. It breaks down the usage for different network interfaces (Cellular and WiFi), and also for different time periods (the current day, week, and month). Metre is the only application in the Android Market to report website data usage. Besides, it's free and ad-free. Metre will also send a small and anonymous amount of statistics to us so that we can analyze the data usage of mobile applications and websites. The data collection by Metre is covered by Rice University IRB approval #12-098X.

Install on your phone

  • You can find the application in the Android Market on your phone. To do so, search "Metre data tracker" in the Android Market. Metre will be the ~30th application on the results. The application title is "Metre (no ads)".
  • You can easily install the application through its webpage in Android Market. You will need to log in with the same Google account that you use on your phone.