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Website is due today 12/18/07

As of now, construction and updating postponed.

Depending on wireless reliability, group editing at Baltimore Christmas reunion may ensue

Cal is not in charge.

Christmas is almost here 12/17/07

Families attending Baltimore reunion: Bostonians, Houstonians, Californians, Grandma.

Ann and the DC group have already arrived. Shopping and food prep main events thusfar.

Secret Santas 12/12/07

Cousins, aunts and uncles, know who you have? If not, ask Grandma.

Remember to spice things up with an interesting presentation. Ransom note lettering, gradual gift introduction, etc..

Rumor has it that Cal has Lucy again. A tea-set? A doll? What can Cath pick up in the airport on the way over??

Construction of the website is underway 11/07

I'm taking a web design class, and I was able to choose what I wanted to make my website about. I chose The Kennedy Family.