Articles of Conduct
I. Each crewmember (student) shall partake of every daring exploit (attend every class). Should a crewmember fail to do so, he or she shall take an additional shift at the bilge pump (complete an extra assignment) at the discretion of the Captain.
II. Exploits (classes) shall occur every Wednesday between the hours of 7 and 8 in the evening, aboard the sturdy vessel called the Leaky Tub (the Brown PDR).
III. Crewmembers shall refrain from drinking, gambling, brawling, and all other forms of ungentlemanly behavoir during the course of their duties (shall act appropriately in class).
IV. During the time the vessel is at sea (during the semester), each crewmember shall complete two specialized tasks (two mandatory assignments), as prescribed by Articles VI and VII.
V. Should any crewmember fail to partake of every exploit or fail to complete his or her specialized tasks, that crewmember shall be marooned (will fail the course).
VI. The first specialized task shall be an essay concerning a single pirate at the crewmember's discretion. The essay shall not be less than 600 words written on the computer, and shall be delivered to the Captain on the 25th day of February. It shall include a brief biographical introduction, which shall be followed by a detailed account of one of said pirate's most daring exploits. Each crewmember should be very careful to use reliable historical sources and cite them where necessary. A list of interesting pirates can be found under the Additional Resources.
VII. This specialized task shall be made known to the crew upon the completion of the first.