March 2015: 2nd yr PhD student, Andrea Drager, awarded Phipps Botany in Action Fellowship for her work on pollen limitation in tropical trees!


March 2015: Molly Cisneros accepts PhD position at LSU! Congrats Molly!


February 2015: Looking forward to contributing via my new role in ATBC as subject editor for Biotropica.


January 2015: Paper makes cover of centennial issue of Ecology! Thanks Volker Rudolf for sharing pic! Chapter 2 for Onja!


January 2015: Therese Lamperty awarded Sam & Helen Worden Fellowship -for remarkable progress in Earth science, biology, or physics!

Justine Therese Lamperty


October 2014: Onja Razafindratsima takes best talk at AMNH Student Conservation Congress.


October 2014: Sophomore Jake Krauss presents research on seed predation in Madagascar at GCURS

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October 2014: EEB grad students raise funds for conservation with trampoline dodge ball

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August 2014: Onja is new executive editor of Madagascar Conservation & Development. MCD is a peer reviewed journal dedicated to conservation and sustainable development in Madagascar

Madagascar Conservation & Development



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Some Recent Publications (undergraduates underlined, * indicates graduate student):




Shultz, S., A. E. Dunham, K. Root, S. Soucy, S. Carroll, & L. Ginzburg. 1999/02/06/08/11/12. Conservation Biology with RAMAS Ecolab. Sinaur Associates, Mass. 251pp.   (Undergraduate text/lab book teaches students quantitative conservation biology and wildlife management)  Latest release in digital form available from Web School of Science.  Click here for reviews.

Recent Journal Publications:


Razafindratsima*, O.H, Dunham, A.E. 2015. Assessing the impacts of nonrandom seed dispersal by multiple frugivore partners on plant recruitment. Ecology. 96(1):24-30. **PDF** ESA Blog

Razafindratsima*, O.H, Jones, T.A., Dunham, A.E. 2014. Patterns of movement and seed dispersal of three lemur species. American Journal of Primatology. 76 (1):84-96. **[PDF]**

Dunham, A.E., Maitner*, B.S., Razafindratsima*, O.H., Simmons, M. C., Roy*, C. L. 2013. Body size and sexual size dimorphism in primates; influence of climate and net primary productivity. Journal of Evolutionary Biology . 26(11): 2312–2320. **[PDF]**

Razafindratsima*, O. H., Mehtani, S., Dunham, A.E. 2013. Extinctions, traits, and phylogenetic structure of communities: insights from primate assemblages in Madagascar. Ecography. 36(1):47-56. **[PDF]**

Maitner,* B. S. Rudgers, J. A., Dunham, A. E., Whitney, K. D. 2012. Patterns of bird invasion are consistent with environmental filtering. Ecography. 35(7):614-623. **[PDF]**

Van Allen,* B., Dunham, A.E., Asquith, C., Rudolf, V.H.W. 2012. Life history predicts risk of species decline in a stochastic world. Proceedings of the Royal Society, B. 279(1738):2691-2697. **[PDF]**

Dunham, A.E.  2011. Soil disturbance by vertebrates alters seed predation, movement and germination in an African rain forest. Journal of Tropical Ecology. 27(6):581-589. **[PDF]**

Dunham A. E, Erhart, E. M., Wright, P. C. 2011 Global climate cycles and cyclones; consequences for rainfall patterns and lemur reproduction in southeastern Madagascar. Global Change Biology 17 (1):219-227**[PDF]** Science Daily, Mongabay Article, NSF 360

Dunham, A. E., Mikheyev, A. S. 2010. Influence of an invasive ant on grazing and detrital communities and nutrient fluxes in a tropical forest. Diversity and Distributions 16 (1) 33-42 **[PDF]**

Dunham, A. E., Rudolf, V. H. W. 2009. Evolution of sexual size-monomorphism; the influence of passive mate-guarding.  Journal of Evolutionary Biology. 22(7), 1376-1386.

  **[PDF]** Science daily. Supplementary data: Appendix A, Appendix B

Dunham, A. E. 2008. Battle of the sexes: Cost asymmetry explains female dominance in lemurs. Animal Behaviour. 76 (4): 1435-1439 **[PDF]** Science daily

Dunham, A. E.  2008. Above and below ground impacts of terrestrial mammals and birds in a tropical forest. Oikos. 117 (4), 571-579    **[PDF]**

Dunham, A. E., Erhart, E., Overdorff, D. Wright, P. C. 2008. Evaluating effects of habitat loss, hunting, and El Niño on a threatened lemur. Biological Conservation. 141:287-297.    **[PDF]** Media citation- UNESCO


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Lab News

Tropical Ecology and Conservation

Amy Dunham


Welcome to our lab at Rice University!

Department of Biosciences, Program in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


We are a group of ecologists interested in tropical ecology and conservation biology. Our work focuses on evolutionary, population, and community ecology and is often applied to conservation issues in tropical rainforests.


Our research is conducted in Texas, West and Central Africa, the Mariana Islands, and Madagascar