Adrienne Correa

Adrienne M.S. Correa, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, BioSciences@Rice

Fellow of the Kavli Frontiers in Science

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Graduate students:

Clark Hamor 

Clark completed his Bachelor’s of Science in cell and molecular biology at the University of St. Thomas (Houston, TX). Prior to starting his PhD, Clark spent four years at Baylor College of Medicine in the labs of Marty Matzuk, Xiang Zhang and Jeff Rosen. During that time, Clark worked on projects that contributed to understanding uterine receptivity to embryo implantation and to finding new breast cancer therapies. Clark’s current work (co-advised with Dr. Jane Tao, BioSciences@Rice) uses molecular virology techniques to characterize viruses that may play roles in coral bleaching and stony coral tissue loss disease (SCTLD).


Carly E. Karrick Google Scholar

Carly Karrick headshot

Carly completed her Bachelors at the University of Kentucky in Dr. David Weisrock’s lab, where she investigated the ecological and evolutionary factors modulating lemur gut microbiome composition. In her Ph.D., Carly plans to examine the coral-algal symbiosis in the context of global change, with particular interest in the role of endosymbionts in promoting coral resilience to stress. 


Kara R. (Noonan) Titus  Google Scholar

Kara Noonan

Kara completed her Masters at Clemson University in Dr. Michael Childress’ Lab, where she investigated the influence of physical structure and coral reef health on reef fish diversity and behavior in the middle Florida Keys. In her Ph.D., Kara is investigating coral-predator interactions to better understand disease spread and other fundamental processes.



Alex J. Veglia  Google Scholar

alex boat headshot

Alex completed his Masters at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez in Dr. Nikolaos Schizas’ Lab where he investigated cyanophage inhabiting coral reef invertebrates. In his Ph.D., Alex looks to expand his virus research efforts by investigating viral roles in coral health, functioning and evolution. 



Taylor Walker headshot

Taylor Walker - 

Taylor Walker received her Master of Science in Marine Sciences from the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS). There, she studied how blue mussel and coquina clam abundance and physiological condition changed through time on the Virginia Barrier Islands. For her Ph.D., Taylor plans to research and model coral health and disease under future scenarios.


Joyah Watkins

Joyah Watkins

Joyah completed her Masters at the University of Michigan in Dr. Melissa Duhaime’s Lab, where she studied the relationship between viral predation and microbial bioenergetics on algal-dominated reef systems. For her Ph.D., Joyah is exploring virus-host interactions and their role in coral disease.


Undergraduate students:

Liliana Abramson

Ricardo Castellon

Talia Levy

Russell Ludwigsen

Shane Smith

Cyrus Washington - senior thesis student

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Lab Alumni:

Antonia Brown, undergraduate researcher

Preeya Bhavsar, undergraduate researcher

Reb Bryant, senior thesis student, currently a Ph.D. student in Dr. Jim Bever’s lab at Kansas University

Cathy Cheng, senior thesis student

Kennedy Coleman, senior thesis student, now a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University’s Medical Sciences Ph.D. program.

Julie Cooper, Research Experiences for Teachers (RET) participant

Grace Cullinan, senior thesis student

Dennis Conetta, lab manager

Dr. Samantha R. Coy, Postdoctoral scholar, currently a postdoctoral scholar at Texas A&M University

Jennifer Drummond, Masters student

Dr. Carsten Grupstra, Ph.D. student in the Correa Lab, now a post-doctoral scholar in the labs of Dr. Sarah Davies at Boston University and Dr. Kirstin Meyer-Kaiser at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute,

Sara Emami, senior thesis student

Isabella Gutierrez, undergraduate researcher

Riley Hatch, lab technician

Dr. Lauren Howe-Kerr, senior thesis student, Ph.D. student in the Correa Lab, now a John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at the National Science Foundation,

Julia Kim, undergraduate researcher

Anna Knochelsenior thesis student, recently completed her Masters degree in Dr. Michael Berumen’s lab at KAUST, now a Ph.D. student at Florida International University

Dr. Rebecca Maher, senior thesis student, recently defended her Ph.D. in Microbiology in Dr. Rebecca Vega Thurber’s lab at Oregon State University, now a post-doctoral scholar in Dr. Brendan Bohannan’s lab at the University of Oregon

Laura Mathewsundergraduate researcher

Jesse Passman, undergraduate researcher

Kristen Rabbitt, senior thesis student, currently a Ph.D. student in Dr. Randall Hughes lab at Northeastern University

Sydney Rodman, undergraduate researcher

Alex Rovner, undergraduate researcher

Kelsey Sanders, senior thesis student

Michael Saucedo, undergraduate researcher

Elaine Shen, senior thesis student, currently a Ph.D. student in Dr. Austin Humphries lab at the University of Rhode Island

Dr. Amanda N. Shore, Rice Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, currently an Assistant Professor at Farmingdale State College, 

Jordan Sims, senior thesis student, currently a Ph.D. student in Dr. Jennifer Salerno’s lab at George Mason University

Jake Sperry, undergraduate researcher

Eddie Tang, undergraduate researcher

Jesse van der Meulen, undergraduate researcher

Sam Venker, undergraduate researcher

Brendan Wong, senior thesis student

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