MVP (Mo’orea Virus Project) Fieldwork begins!

September 2017: Cas, Lauren and Adrienne collaborated with two Oregon State University labs (Drs. Becky Vega and Andrew Thurber) to begin a long-term field experiment in Mo’orea, French Polynesia. We are studying the direct and indirect impacts of viruses on coral reefs. Lauren and Cas also “snuck in” a tank experiment examining when viral production occurs during heat stress. Go Team!

Lauren checks a site Moorea

Lauren checks a field site for coral species of interest.

cas coral collection 2

Cas helps sample coral heads for Correa Lab Alum Becca Maher’s experiment on the response of coral microbiomes to nutrient and temperature stress.

PVID samplingCas and the Coral Power Tower

Adrienne, Lauren and Cas process Pocillopora coral fragments during a time point from their coral bleaching/viral production experiment.

Cas and his 'Coral Power Tower’ prototype. Cas is photographing coral skeleton fragments so we can model their surface area to calibrate chlorophyll and symbiotic algae density measurements back at Rice.

going insane

We were deeply in the groove after blasting the tissues off coral fragments and photographing their skeletons for several days straight. I can Feel It Still...

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