Elaine Shen and Lauren Howe-Kerr's coral reef-inspired works showcased by Fossilized Houston

April 2017: Elaine Shen (with Vidya Giri) and Lauren Howe-Kerr (with Rachel Buissereth) produced coral reef-inspired works as part of Art and Environment: Making Alongside Coral Reefs (ENST 477) this semester. Check out their amazing pieces! 

Behavioral (Plasti{c)ity}, by Elaine Shen and Vidya Girl:

Learn more about Elaine and Vidya’s project at: https://www.fossilizedhouston.com/copy-of-cost-of-consumption

Burning Underwater: a vigil for coral reefs, by Lauren Howe-Kerr and Rachel Buissereth:

Learn more about Lauren and Rachel’s project at: https://www.fossilizedhouston.com/copy-of-communicating-reefs-blurri

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