Coral Reef Outreach for World Oceans Day!

June 2016: This week, we did a lot of outreach about the value of coral reefs and the threats to these ecosystems… just in time for World Oceans Day (June 8th)! Adrienne presented to participants in the Young Owls Leadership Program, then Elaine Shen, Maya Iyer, Marie Jacobsen and Rice BioSciences alum Cora McKenzie ’16 helped several hundred visitors at the Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS) how to quantify metrics of coral reef health. Finally, Adrienne gave an evening lecture on “The Global Coral Bleaching Event: Causes, Consequences, and What You Can Do” at HMNS.

IMG 0511HMNS visitor calculates live deadFullSizeRender

Scenes from HMNS’ World Oceans Day celebration (left to right): Elaine talks with HMNS visitors about what lives on a coral reef; a marine-biologist-in-training shows off her live/dead coral data; and volunteers Maya and Elaine display key coral reef tools: a quadrat and a transect tape.


The evening lecture was held in the HMNS Burke Baker Planetarium. It was so cool to see coral reefs projected onto a dome! (photo credits: Elaine Shen)


Thanks to Elaine Shen and Rice BioSciences alum Cora McKenzie ’16 for running the 2-D Reef Replicas at the evening lecture! (photo credit: Elaine Shen)

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