Join the Lab!

Graduate students 

I welcome applications from prospective Ph.D. students who are excited about environmental microbiology and virology, as well as ecology and evolutionary biology. Preferred experience includes algal culturing, molecular lab work, bioinformatic analyses, and/or certification as an AAUS scientific diver. Underrepresented groups are particularly encouraged to apply. Graduate students are expected to be hard working, collaborative, resourceful and to develop an independent research program related to the general themes of the lab. Information regarding the Rice EEB application process can be found here. Prospective students are encouraged to apply for graduate fellowships and to contact Adrienne well before the EEB program application deadline, which is December 31st, 2017.

Postdoctoral collaborators

If you are interested in discussing potential collaborative projects and fellowship/grant avenues to support your work, please contact Adrienne.

Undergraduate students

Rice undergrads can get involved in our research through the EBIO 306 and 403/404 courses. Experience with molecular lab work or algal culturing is a plus! If you’re interested in conducting independent research for credit, please send Dennis a brief summary of your background and interest in our research, as well as your CV.

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